Digital marketing Tips to Flaunt your mobile app to the world

Marketing your mobile app requires planning, followed by the perfect execution of your plans. Here are effective tips that can assist your app to outshine in app stores:-

The focus here is on the users. You can make good use of AI-powered behavioral targeting to identify the needs and problems of your target audience. When at the planning phase, you need to keep the following points in mind.

Think like your customers.

  • What kind of apps would you like to download?
  • What can make App more appealing?
  • How can you make your app unique?

Engage more customers
Google reports that only 40% of users search for apps through the app stores. The rest come to know of them through blogs, online publicity, contests, YouTube videos, teasers, and tweets. So make sure you count in customer engagement at the early stages of marketing your app. You have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to customer engagement. From interactive contests on Instagram to opinion polls, get the users talking about the app long before its actual launch date. This way, you will get to approach a lot more people within the time between developing, testing and launching your app.

Blog and tweet away
Social media is just the place to engage the maximum number of customers. Create a blog about your app and tweet about it early on. This helps to create a buzz around the app. Get chatty and conversational in your approach.

Play around with teasers
Teasers keep people guessing, they help heighten the hype surrounding a topic. Your app can do a lot of good with some teasers too. Aim for a short video that explains the key functionality of the app to the target audience. Pair up with leading tech websites and YouTube channels to cover your teaser. You can also try your hand at influencer marketing if you can sign up online celebrities to promote your app on their channels.

Encourage feedback from users
How your customers receive your app can tell you a lot about what needs to be done for improving their experience. You need to have a plan to receive and process feedback from customers. It can be in the form of a giveaway contest on the launching month, or even a post on your Facebook page, fishing for reviews in the comments section. No matter what you do, make sure to get people talking about your app on the web right after the launch, and you will pick the vibe alright.

Online reviews have a positive influence
Most of the customers agree that online reviews have a positive influence on their buying preferences and purchase decisions. If you have promo codes and freebies on download, ensure that you use the same to leverage the reviews online. Get hold of some leading influencers in your industry and convince them to feature your app on their posts. You can also give them the promo keys that make it even more alluring to the users. Tie up with review websites to feature reviews on your app.

App Store Optimization (ASO)
Finally comes the turn to optimize your app for the app stores online. Only a combined strategy of effective app store optimization and SEO can help your app make it to the What’s Hot section of the app stores. A few tweaks here and there, and you will be all set to rock the app stores. Here are a few stats and pointers to give youa heads-up when designing a surefire plan for nailing it at the app stores.

Putting keywords in the title (or app name) increases rankings

Keep the app description light and breezy

Design a impeccable and magnificent icon

Don’t forget to include short videos and screenshots of your app.

Run regular checks for bugs and glitches on the app store.