Applications Of Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is present everywhere and it is a very popular technology which has been discussing all over the world. Machine learning is one of the hottest technologies of artificial intelligence that provides the competence to smart machines and devices act as like human beings. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence which assists machine learning engineers to develop various applications and machines to carry out number of intelligent tasks such as prediction jobs, complex computational activities, job role classification etc that is successfully running across several industry domains. Today, we all are using this technology in our daily life in one way or the other and we don’t even aware about it.

Today we will be discussing about few most important machine learning applications that we are using it every day that are actually driven by artificial intelligence.

  1. Virtual Assistants:

Machine learning plays an important role in creating virtual assistants. Personal or virtual assistant plays an imperative role in gathering and giving information on the basis of dataset training provided to them. For later uses, these data sets are deployed to deliver desired results to serve your preferences. Google Alexa, Google Home, Google Allo, Amazon Echo, Samsung Bixby are some trending technological part of virtual assistants.

  1. Healthcare Sector:

In medical and healthcare sector artificial intelligence is performing phenomenal functionality as it enable medical professionals to take data oriented decisions to find out critical diseases of patients, helps to diagnosis in a much better way, faster detection of parameters to prevent diseases etc and hence this sector investing millions of money in machine learning based healthcare research gadgets.

  1. Refining Search Engine Result Algorithms:

In present scenario, Google, Bing and other major search engines are using machine learning technology to upgrade and refine their search query algorithms for online users. Every time if user search for some specific query, search engines displays list of reference pages in their result and algorithm bots always keep track on how users respond to result pages. If user likes to go with top pages and stay on there for long period, then search engine bots assumes that the top results were exact match with users query. On the other hand, if user approaches to second or third pages of search results but do not interested to open any of these, then search engine bots estimates that the results served did not match up with user intentions. Thus, algorithm bots of search engines are constantly improving their search result base via machine learning technology.

  1. Use In Digital Media & Entertainment:

Machine learning has numerous applications in digital and entertainment domain to feed better personalized recommendations (youtube video recommendations, facebook friend suggestions), gmail classification and spam filtering feature, user behaviour and social media analysis & its monitoring are some common applications of machine learning domain.

  1. Google Maps Assistance:

Today Google maps have become most important part of our life because whenever we go outside of our home in new places, we always require google map assistance in finding new locations and directions & to track out highly dense traffic areas. Google map always keep you on the right & fastest route rather than to direct you on heavy traffic routes. Well this strategy works with the combination of services recently used by people, gathering of recent historic data of all routes and some tricky ways acquired by tech companies. This technique helps to improve the data of google map which in turn assist people with best details about traffic and location according to various routes.

  1. Face Recognition Suggestion:

If we talk about facebook, it uses face detection or image recognition feature to find automatically face attributes of person which then matches it with their database and suggests people to tag that person. It is responsible for recognition of various faces identifying which person is in the image and different miscellaneous images with the help of alt text description of picture.

  1. Product Recommendations:

Suppose you have recently checked any mens apparel product on amazon or flipkart website and after days you keep receiving emails for that product or relevant products in same category to start initiate your shopping activity, then that specific website’s machine learning algorithm has noticed your first impression for that particular product. This leads to the refinement of shopping experience of users and all this done with the magic of machine learning algorithm which has put into action in website to keep track of various activities of audiences. Comprehensive recommendations are made on the basis of customer behaviour with website or app, past purchase activities, product likes & comments etc.

  1. Capturing Online Fraud Activities:

Machine learning has proved one of the best in class technological feature and persistently showing its calibre to trace out online fraud transactional activities making internet world secure place for everyone. All online shopping websites and banking sector domains using set of tools that helps to evaluate millions of monetary transactions, whether it’s legitimate or illegitimate, between end users and companies.

  1. AI Empowering Automobile Industry:

Automobile industry is another domain where artificial intelligence has a huge impact where every big brands of automobile industry are using benefits of artificial intelligence for optimization of fuel efficiency, tracking various break down prediction attributes of vehicle and even for self driving cars. Machine learning has a key role in self driving cars and you must heard about Tesla company’s self driving cars who is a giant leader in this industry is taking benefits of AI driven by hardware manufacturer NVIDIA technology based upon unsupervised learning algorithms.

  1. Google Language Translation:

Whenever you go outside of your town, city or even country, you find it hard to communicate with the local people of that particular area if their language is other than your native language, and even where everything is written in different language. But via Google’s Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) is a neural machine learning algorithm that works on thousands of different languages and it uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique to facilitate the user most appropriate translation of words and sentences. It is considered to be one of the best machine learning applications widely used by people.


Hope you have got an idea and know about the various machine learning applications that are presently working in diverse industry domains and how this technology is benefiting the companies as well as customers.