Benefits Of Working With PHP Data Objects – PDO

What is PHP PDO (PHP Data Objects)?

PHP is an open source general purpose server side scripting language, which is very popular and widely used to develop dynamic and interactive websites.  PHP can connect and then access to huge set of relational database management systems. PHP PDO is an object oriented database connection abstraction library which was firstly introduced in PHP 5.1 version. PHP 5.1 version offers the feature of PDO methods or functions to write down your statements and query code working with objects which makes the development work more productive. PHP PDO is a database access layer providing uniform method of accessing multiple databases. PDO is very light, faster and more powerful as compare to existing PHP data abstraction interfaces.

Why do we need PHP Data Object?

PHP data objects are best way to deal with databases when compared with Mysql and it is recommended to work with it as provides better and continuous protection against security hackers. It is the most consistent platform across many databases which can work with Mysql language and with other databases as well like SQlite, Oracle, Postgresql etc.

Benefits and Working with PHP PDO!

PDO provides data access abstraction layer which means, without bothering which database we are using, we have to use same functions or methods facilitate by that database for implementing queries and fetching of data. PDO allows exceptional switching feature between different platforms and databases which can be easily done just by changing the connection string and it does not support database specific syntaxes. PDO works on prepared statements allowing users to put the markers within the query by using PDO:: prepare() and to pass variables and parameters using PDO:: execute() is used in the query. PHP data object boosts the security feature which totally eliminates the attacks of SQL injection.

Prepared statements are precompiled SQL statements in PHP PDO which can be executed multiple times by forwarding data to the server. PDO works with four basic functions in order to perform and modify the functions wth the database that are selection, insertion, updation and deletion of data records and on the other hand it also provides 3 other ways to take control over most of your errors which are PDO::ERRMODE_SILENT, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION and PDO::ERRMODE_WARNING.

Some of the advantages of using PHP PDO are as follows:

  1. Usability:

PDO uses array of helper functions which can automate the routine operations of development work.

  1. Error Handling Feature:

PHP PDO allows the user to manage better error handling exceptions by reinforces relevant error mode attribute & there are three main error modes i.e. silent(default), warning, and exception. Silent is for default error mode whereas warning is better for debugging purpose. And exception mode is more useful for error handling tasks where by hiding data from being protect by person who might exploit your system or data.

  1. Security Feature:

It gives the best security feature against hackers to protect your data, who employs most common usable prepared statements.

  1. Reusability:

PDO (PHP Data Object) is a unifies API that can access the database multitudes. PHP Data Object offers the best and the unified PHP interface which can access many different types of databases. PDO can abstract the most basic operations if not it will have to be repeated many times/multiple times and this feature declines the huge work burden. Prepared statements will allow you to put the markers into the query using some commands. Object-Oriented Usage with the help of PDO. Binds the parameters in the statements for better security. For many RDBMS systems/brands, only one API is enough. PDO will provide the best catchable exceptions for handling the errors so well for the better quality. For consistency PDO will allow some prepared statements and for the rollback functionality.


In this blog post you have come to know about what is PHP PDO, its working behaviour and what are the benefits of using PHP data objects while working with it in your project and it has shown the effectiveness of using PDO to make code more portable.