Top Leveraging Trends of Android App Development in 2022

Android mobile application development is one of those areas where every IT business industry investing a lot today. The mobile app development industry is growing at a break-neck speed. When we talk about mobile app development, Android always stay over every other operating system, 80% of the app development market controlled by the Android. Therefore, […]

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Custom App Development Services For Business 2021

In today’s digital world, there is hardly anyone who is not using smart phones. The popularity of smart phones is gaining tremendous demand in developed and under-developing countries. Mobile apps have become a necessity of everyone & in the absence of these mobile apps can keep you stay behind in the race of your competitors […]

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healthcare fitness app

How Do Healthcare & Fitness Apps Impact Daily Human Life

As we all well aware about today’s scenario of health concerned with human community, healthcare is a top priority talk all over the world as people are living under the threat of corona virus pandemic. People have to continue their daily life by following the social distancing guidelines of their respective national government just to […]

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Google Flutter Helps To Develop Improved Native Apps

Technology is changing very fast if we talk about in context of smart & hybrid mobile application development and we well aware about this fact that outdated apps are constantly updated with more advanced ones. So apparently, all tech companies are doing their best efforts to follow the latest IT technologies and solutions serve perfectly […]

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Media Files Handling In Android Application Development

Within this post, we will present a discussion on how to work with media type files during the process of android mobile application development. As we know that, android development environment offers an advanced set of tools to develop our desired mobile application from simplest one to complex application for user sensing, media streaming, medical […]

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Role Of Data Binding In Android App Development

“Today, in this blog post we will talk about the role of data binding in android app development”. What is Data Binding? Connecting or linking android code files with different user interfaces during the process of android app development is one of the most important tasks of top android application developers. Android data binding is […]

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How to design an app

In the world of mobile development, app functionality and its features mean a lot. Still, there’s always a place – and a need – for an attractive design. After all, apps are also judged by their appearance, and quite often it’s the UI/UX design that makes people download the product. Mobile app design process is […]

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Factors Responsible for the Success of Your Mobile App

As you develop a mobile app, you need to get basic things right to ensure that it is user-friendly, it catches on with the users and becomes a success. Here are the critical factors that you should consider if you want make your app a success: Here are the factors which will contribute to the […]

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Best Cross Platform App Development Tools – 2020

Having a Mobile App for businesses is not at all new now. But the catch lies in making it available for users of all devices irrespective of the platform. Users want an experience and as a business, it becomes imperative to provide a uniform experience to all. But for that, mobile app development has to […]

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Best CMS for Mobile Apps

Mobile CMS are quite a popular topic these days, but the definition and what to do about it is not always clear. When it comes to building mobile apps, you’ll need a mobile app CMS that can build and manage apps across iOS, Android, and other popular app platforms — but that’s not all you’ll […]

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