Features of Progressive Web Apps

PWA – A Future of Mobile Apps
The technological trend can swing to any lucrative directions, provided that it holds helpful features, excellent usability and the best UI. PWA(Progressive Web Apps) has everything that goes in favour of the latest demand for technology. So, we can’t rule out it. But, it will take some time to overrule the native apps.However, the way it is growing we can expect that by 2020, we’ll see a new era of modern web technology.

Features of Progressive Web Apps
PWAs are almost like native apps, but there are some differences. PWAs have fewer features than the native one. However, in usability, it is all set to cross over a native app. PWA is essential for small-sized businesses because it helps them target mobile-users in large. So, let’s talk about its futures and how it will help business dwellers to gain maximum user attention.


PWA is responsive and can fit customised to any screen size. Whether it is mobile, tab, fab or desktop, PWA fits into all screen sizes.

It can work offline and even if you don’t have a stable internet connection, it works smoothly.


PWA can work all types of browser, though the browser must be modern and PWA compliance.

App-Like Experience
PWA is not an app, you cannot find all PWAs in Play Store, but it gives native app-like experience.

Always Fresh

No need to download updates like native apps, it updates your PWA pages and it will happen automatically when you get online.

You get the feature to share your content with other users or share enabled the app.

PWAs are served via HTTPs, and therefore, it is highly secure to use, just like you feel with the other web browsers and native apps.

PWA is search engine-friendly and it can easily be explored and discovered and also opened directly.

PWA Push Notifications
PWAs support push notifications so that marketers can send a direct notification to users and share updates and reminders.

Offline Support
Offline support completely sets PWA apart from other and even make it adorable. (Progressive Web Application) offers smooth surfing, even when there is a poor network connection.

“Add to Home Screen” lets you install the ‘lite’ version of PWA site which you can use any time.

Fast Loading
PWA is known for instant loading. The content you have requested be on your screen in no time.