Great Benefits Of Learning Angular JS In 2020

Angular JS is a most trending front end development technology, upgraded framework of javascript, used by front end developers as part of their project work in IT companies. Since last 2 – 3 years of time frame, Angular JS has earned a big reputation within the group of best front end website developers of various companies just because of its fantastic features like less coding part it requires, time saving and fast effective outputs as per developer’s perspective. Angular JS has developed as one of the well known dominating technology over others in the world of popular web developing companies & accomplishes lot of functionalities by implementation of HTML, Javascript and CSS. It has the powerful potential of integrating with other tools and frameworks and as a most emerging agile platform, fulfilling the increasing demands of single page web applications & the need of compelling, intuitive user interface by the large enterprises. Angular JS allows web developers to include number of innovative features by adding much more values to the client side based applications.

Let’s take a look on learning skills of Angular JS & how it could be successful web development career for you:

Angular JS is a frontend Javascript MVC framework used to develop fast dynamic web applications developed by Misko Havery and Adam Adorn in 2009.

  1. UI Feature of HTML:

Angular JS uses HTML language to create simple and organized website architecture for user experience just because HTML is a declarative language which uses simple HTML tags and it’s very easy to understand.


  1. Support For Single Page Applications:

Single Page Applications are now getting a world class acceptance of most organizations across the globe due to the reason because no one prefer to wait too long to load websites and applications having large number of pages. Single page applications are responsive and load faster which enhances the user experience and consistency of the website and app. Angular’s reliability handling feature facilitates not to get dependent upon un-maintainable piece of code that decreases the backend server issues making it faster and lighter applications.

  1. Handle Dependencies Efficiently:

Dependency injections is something that Angular JS can handle it quite well. The dependency features of Angular JS makes the development process of developers very simple and efficient and it also serves you with the assistance whenever it detects the services of dependencies.


  1. DOM Manipulation:

DOM manipulation works as to refresh the web elements information and its behaviour but after the development of Angular JS, DOM manipulation objective is just the task of directive and not the view. With the help of these directives, it focuses on more functionality of HTML as it contains elements like accordion, gridbox, lightbox etc which can assist developers to use them without manipulating the DOM and these directives can be applied directly by providing attributes to these HTML elements.


  1. Simplicity Of Testing:

Testing process of web applications and sites is very easy in Angular JS framework because it provides the module separation feature for developers to load necessary services and implement easy automated testing process.


  1. Use Of Filters:

Angular JS comes with the bunch of different filters to help developers to choose from. Some Angular JS filters are currency filter, number filter, date filter, JSON filter, lower case and upper case filter, orderby and so on.


  1. Reduced Line Of Code:

Many Web Developers are always looking for different ways to reduce the size of their written code of web applications. While using Angular JS, there is no need to write MVC pipeline. With HTML, information types are simple to develop and there is no necessity to place details into the standpoint physically that is known as information tying. The Angular JS channels are very helpful you to handle information on the standpoint point without modifying the controllers.


  1. Browser Compatible:

Angular JS is browser compatible that works on any browser and it give support to all top notch famous web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, Opera. It clearly signifies that Angular JS is not a browser specific.


  1. POJO Model Feature:

POJO model refers to plain old javascript objects that offers very well organized objects and logics architecture to maintain the data flow in an application and assist developers to create logical loops with right properties to reap out best suitable results. It gives spontaneous and clear understanding of entire code helping to build highly interactive and user friendly web applications.


  1. Angular Works On Client Side:

One of the most prominent feature of Angular is that it operates on client side making it more suitable for both mobile and desktop browsers. Angular is a versatile to develop any kind of front end application without working on backends.


  1. Works On Two Way Data Binding Feature:

Data binding is Angular’s key feature which specifically works on two way data binding methodology and it bridges the gap between the view and the business logics of web application. Data binding is very well known and powerful ideology used in the web apps and software development technologies. There are two types of data binding, one way data binding and two way data binding. Angular JS works on two way data binding technology in which data automatically managed between the model and the view components of application. For example, when any web template runs on the browser, it generates its live view and if any changes occur in view it directly reflects in the model. The model in the data binding works as main source in your application and in return the view acts as the projection of the model. Angular JS framework highlights the changes made in the user action and module simultaneously.


  1. Deep Linking Feature:

Angular JS comes with the deep linking feature that allows you to bookmark the webpage. You can bookmark webpage along with its URL without changing its state and in future when you request the same page, it will get displayed in front of you as it was saved on the same stage earlier.

Conclusion: In this article, we have learned the top most features of Angular JS as much as possible that we can and why Angular JS is special among other frameworks. We are living in the fast moving business world where large enterprises and business corporates always looking around to satisfy their proactive needs of business. Angular JS is a great multi functional framework tool to serve these business needs.