How Augmented Reality Services Helping Business Transformation

Today, when technology has established itself inside the core of every business organizations & are moving towards with digital revolution regardless of the industry domain they operate in. With the new trending age of technologies, digital platforms are transforming how businesses communicate with customers and deliver services. Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging trending technology in marketing and sales strategies of any business organization, which allows brands to give their customers unique experiences with the convenience of tapping into their mobile devices. If we talk about today’s scenario, smart phones has become one of the most significant media types through which customers can easily interact with big marketing brands and make purchase decisions. AR gives you another tool in your belt when it comes to driving sales and enhancing brand value through mobile devices.

  1. Potential customers have always wanted to try products before purchasing them. Fitting rooms, cosmetic samples, automobile test drives, and many other related concepts testify to the effectiveness of this sales strategy. Augmented shopping experiences are one of the rising trends in the retail industry. With the help of AR, prospective customers can model and try on makeup, clothing items, and a wide range of home-related products without needing to directly interact with them. AR negates the need for a large physical inventory to allow customers to try on or sample dozens or even hundreds of items in search of the one that best meets their needs.
  2. A great event has the power to connect people, as well as to educate and entertain – VR and AR has the potential to revolutionize how events are organized and experienced both now and in the future. By blending reality with creative digital content, thinking creatively and embracing new opportunities means that anything is possible. For events such as trade shows, product launches and exhibitions, augmented reality content can be visually stunning, giving brands a wow factor to increase customer brand engagement. Both VR and AR offer visitors the chance to explore and interact with a fuller version of a company’s range by being able to customize elements such as colors and interiors.
  3. Augmented reality offers the potential for businesses to add a digital component on top of their physical locations and products. Customers can scan a product or object to pull up an AR experience tailored either toward giving additional information about the product or some form of supplemental brand-related experience.
  4. Augmented reality can take branding materials like business cards and brochures to the next level by adding a virtual component. Users can scan printed materials with their mobile devices to access a range of features giving them more information and ways to get in contact with the brand.
  5. Augmented reality stands ready to transform the B2B customer and vendor experience in several ways. AR has the potential to create significant improvements along the entire chain of the sales process. One of the most significant areas in which AR can improve B2B sales is in creating dynamic sales presentation material. AR sales tools can allow customers to see and interact with products in as detailed a way as they desire, from a high-level overview to a granular inspection of individual components and in this way they have the greater access to the information to make their purchase decisions. AR also gives the option of dealing with customization needs, as customers always looking for more customization & tailored product solutions. Augmented reality tools can facilitate customers taking an active part in the design of their products. This input can then be digitally conveyed in real-time to the vendor, providing a smoother chain of feedback leading to customers getting exactly what they want, and vendors being able to provide it for them. AR can create a bridge between customer expectations and vendor sales demand.

Augmented Reality helps in driving sales & marketing strategic innovations now and will definitely expand its scope in coming few decades. With the continuous improvement in this area, AR and VR can not only deliver improved customer experience and ROI for the business, but also gain useful insights to drive further developments.