How To Deliver Better Services With Automation Testing Solutions

Nowadays, Automation Testing is making an impact and provides benefits that have been evaluated by organizations, development and testing teams, and even industry analysts. Test Automation brings accuracy and velocity to the testing cycle by various strategies and methodologies. The practices and technology platforms behind automation testing develop the emerging technologies. Planning, and establishing the scope of automation testing is highly crucial in an environment that demands results, that brings efficiency and speed to the process. Effective designing and planning are confined to delivering results in the longer run. Software testing and Quality assurance have some major consumer goals to deliver in the current phase of digital transformation. Now we are directly dealing with IT and with the customers, which places IT in a very strategic position in the organizations. Software testing is adding value and heaving the companies to invest in testing tools and platforms. Having the ability to automate load on your application is essential to ensuring the systems can handle high peak times. Automation testing is implemented effectively and it can deliver the expected results but sometimes automation testing and implementing the automation framework could be a tricky task. It can even result in chaos and complete disruption of the project if it is not done strategically.

Here are some implementation processes towards better automation testing solutions:

It is imperative to set clear goals and line up the automation tasks with any kind of test automation activity. As the project progresses, the goal should be tracked which will give the opportunity to the testers to go back and check the specific activity. Assuring you are implementing tools or techniques that allow you to achieve your goals should always be a priority. Test automation with set targets can make the process quicker and flawless for the testing teams.

Test Automation for API/ Web service Testing
Web service enables the two applications to exchange the data or information in terms of request and response, without disturbing the underlying architecture or the technology. It is essential to test the web services for validating the response that makes the automation tasks sensitive for teams. This specific testing is the part of the middle layer in the pyramid of the architecture and most of the functional testing can be pushed into this layer. It will help to detect the bugs and errors faster and fix them by implementing the automation test frameworks.

Automation testing for repetitive tasks
Right from interaction with end-users or writing users’ stories to developing them, if it is repetitive, should be considered in automation and it can be enabling the implementation automation for these tasks. This could be done with any automation tool or JavaScript that fits within the team’s skillsets to solve the purpose.

Automation for Non-functional testing
This non-functional automation testing technique involves the load, performance, and stress tests that are very much crucial to determine the application’s presentation in the user environment. There are various tools easily available in the market that can be utilized to automate these tests.

Automation for data comparisons
With reference to the Data Comparison, many of our tests require us to compare data files, including test files, CSV, or excel files. This task involves comparison against baseline for doing data validation or there can be two of the same files generated from two different sources. Any such activity can result in repetition which needs to be recognized quickly. Automation is required to make sure that any such error in data processing is identified effectively.

Test Automation for searching
Seeking for the specific entity from a large bunch of files can also be a tedious task, resulting in errors and ineffective searching processes, for example searching in log files. We should think about it if this is also a monotonous and repetitive task.