Is Artificial Intelligence The Biggest Threat To Humanity

The destructions caused by Natural Disasters, Harmful effects from rising in earth’s temperature and Depletion of the Ozone layer. Everyone is concerned about it nowadays. Some might be contributing to help in the cause while some are still not awakening. But have you ever thought is it worth saving the world by supporting these causes while we are trying to build another threat for us in the form of AI?

Let’s think about the advancements that artificial intelligence & machine learning can bring to us. It can help us by providing so much in the field of Healthcare, Army, Logistics, Automation Industry, Interact with Nuclear radiations, Providing Automated Analytics reports, and many other marvelous applications. But, at what cost. Did the people think while they were extracting oil, natural gas, and other natural resources about the harmful results of their applications? Nobody thought of it because we were all interested in the immediate results which landed us to the part where moving forward is another destructing step and taking a step back is landing mankind to the reverse evolution. Artificial Intelligence could pose a real threat to mankind. The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race. It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate.

Mankind is vulnerable to threats from even the very small irregularities like a virus. We might be very excited about the wonderful results of AI. But, we should also prepare for the threats it will bring to the world. The damage it is causing and the damage it has already caused.

AI along with the applications bring few unanswered questions :

Job Automation:
With the introduction of AI-based bots the very fundamental question raised was the void it will create in the job sector. With advancements in the monitoring systems in the industries, we are creating a large gap in the job sector by replacing the people who work for specific jobs. For example – Most of the companies are trying to build automated ticket resolution which might be very effective but creating a risk for the job of an individual. The important question is – Is AIML sufficient to provide enough opportunities to accommodate everyone?

Data Privacy and Safety:
The very fundamental aspect of a successful ML model is to have enormous useful data. But, providing all the information to the solution brings another concern which is how much our data is secure and safe. Is it vulnerable to hacker attacks or Is it sufficient to safeguard the personal information of people? The safety concerns are not just limited to data privacy with advancement in automobiles the most important question is – Who is responsible for damage caused by the driverless cars due to the complex real-life situation?

Biased Decisions:
The AI-based system cannot understand emotions, so when it comes to using your heart along with the brain the system might not be considered very successful. Along with the lack of emotions, there is a various factor which might result in not so efficient decisions like a system biased towards masculine factor will eliminate the success that females can bring in that sector. Due to the various minorities present our system might ignore the importance of those minorities resulting in a biased system. The biggest question it raises is – Who is capable and Who is not can a system decide effectively?

Wars and Destructions:
With AI’s most Advanced Application there is a very important threat associated with it as well. AI-based systems might provide the most advanced self capable weapons. But as we are divided with the borders across the world these weapons give an upper hand to few developed Nations which can run the more advanced weapon system compared to others. This not only brings the advantage to few privileged ones but also brings the possibility of World War and other threats of causing mankind destructions. Also with the enormous spread of Nuclear Power in the world, it arises a most important question – Can we trust a machine to handle the enormous Nuclear Power?

is artificial intelligence the biggest threat to humanity