Top Best Artificial Intelligence Writing Software Tools For 2022

Artificial Intelligence writing software generates new phrases, provide corrections to your existing work, and automate large chunks of your articles or blog posts. If you need copy for your website, product descriptions, or even just large amounts of content within a short time, an AI writer could be the best solution. Instead of spending all your time thinking of new ideas or brainstorming new content for your blog and website, the right AI writer can drum up infinite content ideas within seconds, it can also offer automatic editing, proofreading, and suggestions for your existing content. Tools like Grammarly fall under the AI writing software umbrella, and they handle the tedious part of content creation, like looking for grammatical errors or simple spelling mistakes.

How Does AI Writing Software Work?
AI writers use a dataset to string together phrases and predict which words would be the best fit within the context of your content. To do so, you’ll need to provide the AI software with the right keywords or even a rough outline so that your software can accurately predict what should come next. If you’re using a writer tool solely for editing and proofreading purposes, you’ll need to add your own content into the software. Most tools will make corrections and new suggestions based off what you’ve written.

Below mention are some of the best in class AI writing software tools that we will discuss today.

Jasper easily makes the top of our list for AI writing tools. With more than fifty templates to pick from, you can use Jasper to create long-form or short-form content – and it’s designed for anything from marketing to real estate listings, SEO meta titles, and for blog posts. You can create content in up to twenty-five different languages and allow you to write long-form content up to five times faster. Given its capabilities for long-form content, this tool is especially great for bloggers or anyone who needs to create entire posts for their site.

If you’re more interested in the proofreading and editing capabilities of AI writers versus creating new content, Grammarly might just be the right pick. While it can’t completely generate new content for you, it can provide grammatical corrections for your existing content – as well as other suggestions to make sure your content more readable and engaging. Grammarly integrates into most word processors, including Google Docs, you don’t even need to export your content for it to proofread your writing – you can get suggestions and corrections in real-time as you write.

Pro Writing Aid
Similar to Grammarly, ProWritingAid isn’t meant for completely new content generation, but it can provide plenty of grammatical, spelling, and style corrections in real-time as you write. Not only does it give you spelling or grammar corrections, but the tool allows you to check how readable your content is by looking at sentence variation and vocabulary. While it integrates well into MS Word, Google Docs, Open Office, and most other popular word processors, we recommend this AI tool for anyone looking to really learn how to improve their own writing.

If you know what you want to say but you struggle with sentence structure, variation, or just making your writing as engaging as you want it to be, you may want to check out Wordtune. This AI tool helps with both content generation and editing, so it can rewrite your existing content to sound more compelling, readable, and clear. Wordtune uses natural language processing to do this, and it can even recognize the emotional tone of your writing.

Ink Editor
Ink Editor is used to hit all bases of sentence rewriting, content generation, editing, and even SEO integration. It can also generate new content for a variety of purposes, including blogs, social media posts, emails and other copy. It’s integration is easy to use and keeps you consistently ranking high on search engines, even if you don’t have any SEO experience.

While there are plenty of AI writers built around creating blog posts or social media posts, but what about generating responses to customers through e-mail and other messaging platforms? You may not always have the time to individually respond to customer messages, and sending out automated responses can make clients feel like you’re not listening.
Here Sapling comes in !
This software sits on top of CRM and messaging platforms, and allows your sales or HR team to provide faster, personalized messages to customers and clients. This software tool analyzes each customer message and provides relevant suggested responses, so your sales team doesn’t have to waste time writing out a reply – or checking that reply for grammatical errors. With sapling, you’ll get all the speed and efficiency of AI software without losing that human touch.

If you need to quickly rewrite existing content from your blog or website? Within a minute, Articoolo can identify keywords, language sentiment, and other crucial information from your existing content and generate a completely unique, rewritten version of it. This is especially a great tool for students or teachers, who may need to comprehend big portions of text or articles in short amounts of time.

Text Blaze
Text Blaze gives you the option to create your own templates, snippets, and shortcuts with their software along with plenty of templates to choose from. This is a great pick for teams that need to drum up quick responses and emails as well as anyone looking to seriously improve their speed and efficiency. You can create your own snippets ahead of time, and insert them wherever you need to with just a click of the keyboard – whether that’s in blog posts, messages, emails, or landing pages. The software integrates seamlessly into most email systems, SMS platforms, and CRMs.