Top Leveraging Trends of Android App Development in 2022

Android mobile application development is one of those areas where every IT business industry investing a lot today. The mobile app development industry is growing at a break-neck speed.
When we talk about mobile app development, Android always stay over every other operating system, 80% of the app development market controlled by the Android. Therefore, it is important to develop an android app first to rule over the app development business domain. Although there are already millions of mobile apps available, the demand for new ones is still on the rise due to the rapid advancement in technology and business need for more innovative approaches. New advancements in IT industry rapidly becoming more reliant on mobile devices mobile applications.
And innovations in technology provide opportunities not only for developing new solutions but also for enhancing existing ones.

Having a presence on Android gives you the access to the world’s largest install base amongst all operating systems. In present age of Era, number of enterprises & small and big corporate sectors are adopting android platform to build customized android applications to boost their market revenues and achieve outstanding business growth. Android based applications can easily be customized and are easier to manage. Android platform has relatively a low investment and is high in terms of ROI (return on investment), which is ultimately helpful for companies to gain higher returns. As one of the best android application development company in mohali, India Rhombus Infotech can help you open the floodgates of opportunity through our array of custom android app development services.

So, keeping up-to-date with the latest mobile app development trends can help you build a successful app, attract users and get them to use it regularly. More importantly, you will be able to deliver new solutions based on what your users needs. Today, in this blog section we will discuss about latest trend of android application development of 2022.

Use of 5G Technology:
As you know, 5G technology has existed for some time now, though it has not always been in the spotlight until quite recently. It is basically a new generation of telecom network which supports advanced applications in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), streaming of 4K and 360 videos, and interconnected IoT devices. 5G will change the way we build and we use apps in terms of speed and efficiency, will significantly improve. The 5G technology will make mobile apps faster – smoother and more efficient and will also open rooms for new innovations. All the exciting ideas you might have about your app will no longer remain ideas. With 5G, you can turn them into a reality.

Implementation of Augmented & Virtual Reality:
As we all know, social distancing technologies have boomed since 2020, when COVID-19 started affecting a wide range of industries and mobile apps have gained more popularity in this period and are being used in many business domains. With these mobile apps, many businesses can engage with their clients more personally. By using AR and VR, business industries can showcase their products and services in the best possible way. Moreover, even customers can able to see what a specific product like a piece of clothing will look like on them before purchasing it. Hence, VR and AR are beneficial to both sellers and buyers. Along with the commerce benefits, AR and VR can improve learning experiences and make mobile apps more appealing and engaging, too.

Blockchain Technology:
Blockchain Technology is one of the newest trend of mobile application development in 2022. This technology allows you to create decentralized databases, this is the main reason, it is an emerging trend just because a decentralized database does not need a single service provider or company to act as the gatekeeper. Due to its characteristics, apps that use this technology are more secure, since no one individual can alter user databases to access sensitive information.

Internet of Things Apps:
IoT is one of the coolest concepts that has been adopted by various industries lately. IoT allows various different devices to share data with each other or a central gateway via the internet continuously. Therefore, industries with more machines use IoT to save costs and improve productivity. As this concept is being slowly adopted by general users also, the need for an IoT app has become imperative. With IoT, users can control almost every device in their house using their phones. For example, if you are leaving the office and want your room to be cool when you arrive, you can turn ON the AC from your phone.

Beacon Technology:
Numerous industries already utilize beacon technology, e.g., healthcare, eCommerce, museums, hotels, etc. By using this technology, online and offline worlds can be connected in quite a unique way. Use of this technology allows you o better understand the behavior of your customers by analyzing how they interact with your mobile apps at your physical stores. Among the beacon technology trends will be beacons for mobile payments, AI-enabled chips, and AI and ML tools. More precisely, a beacon technology oriented store connects with customer’s mobile phone via Bluetooth or internet to send sales & promotional messages. The customer will receive all sorts of information about products or sales nearby. And you can monitor customer’s behavior to detect if he or she spend a considerable amount of time on a particular category or service.

Use of Mobile Wallets:
As a secure and convenient option for making purchases, digital wallets are increasingly used by modern consumers. In this modern era, another term of m-commerce “mobile wallet” has becoming more popular everyday. You must heard about of Mobile Pay, Google Pay & PayPal & you already know how popular they are. But nowadays most banks also have their own mobile wallet where you can easily perform all sorts of financial transactions, from bill payments to online transfers to online shopping, even use your digital wallet in supermarkets and physical stores as a replacement for your card. The use of contactless payments via mobile wallets gained a more popularity during COVID, and the trend will continue as the number of such wallets will rise. So, now more than ever, you should consider expanding your approved payment methods to include these popular digital wallets.

Rise in Demand of Wearable Devices:
You must observe on a rise in wearable android oriented devices in 2022, people love wearables because they are easy to use, easy to carry and offer individual personalized insights. Wearable technology refers to any device that can be worn on the body or attached to clothing. For example, wearable devices such as smart jewellery, watches, and display devices like Apple Glass are becoming quite popular. within this trend, health-related apps seem to also become quite popular as well, it is possible to control these devices either remotely through an internet connection or via mobile apps.

It is always good to stay on the top of the latest technological app development trends and you must know how you can leverage them to deliver robust, feature-rich apps.