Why To Choose WordPress For Ecommerce Websites

From last two decades lot of people over the globe have been prefer to choosing ecommerce platform to setup their online business selling website as it provides convenient features for products and services, mainly its transaction speed and security handling tasks. Ecommerce industry has grown strongly so far and will continue to prosper without any hiccups in coming years. Majority of online shopping customers also love to complete their purchase activities on this convenient and comfortable mode of shopping. According to experts, ecommerce industry is making around $ 2 trillion of worldwide sales at present. Most of the sales organizations facilitate online visitors to purchase their products and take benefit of their services directly from the comfort zone of homes and offices via ecommerce platform. Both customers and business owners love the convenience and ease of accessibility of an online market place. There are number of platforms such as Amazon and ebay that are mostly used platforms for buying and selling products and some others that can help you to develop an online ecommerce store but wordpress is easily one of the best solutions for online store setup. WordPress is ranking at the top over other options because it is a dynamic, flexible and powerful software which can be modified and raise its working scalability with plugins and wonderful customized themes best fits for ecommerce websites.

In this article, we will have an overview of the most prominent features of wordpress that makes it an excellent option to develop an ecommerce website.

  1. WordPress Is Free & Open Source:

WordPress is open source software that can be downloadable by anyone and free to use without any charge. This most popular CMS (Content Management System) can easily be modify according to your website requirements.

  1. Wide Range Of Plugins:

WordPress offers a variety of plugins that can enhance the functionality of ecommerce websites. You can take benefits from the wordpress plugins available in the wordpress store having comprehensive functionality that can serve you better to achieve with your website. There are plugins available for website analytics, payment gateway plugins, WooCommerce plugin, online store plugins to setup ecommerce environment etc that performs very well due to its good compatibility. These plugins are very helpful to build and host an online store while some others will sort out concerns of managing inventory, communication with audience, helpdesk support and so on.

  1. Provides High Security:

Once you have completely setup your ecommerce website plugins, it’s time to integrate your website with security features. Security is one of main concerns for ecommerce websites that consists lot of sensitive information. And for this you must need some broad range of security solution for the protection of data as ecommerce websites contains user information and financial transactions of business. You can install security plugins that can help to raise the standards of security concerns in website.

  1. High Scalability Feature:

The scalability of an eCommerce website has to do with both your hosting package and your WordPress software. However, WordPress is designed to function optimally no matter how many visitors view your site, and that is why big brands like Facebook are actively using it to power their websites. What you need to do is sign up for self-hosting (instead of shared hosting) and install your WordPress. That way, you can quickly scale up without affecting the functionality of your website whenever there is a surge in traffic.

  1. WordPress Offers SSL Certificates For Ecommerce:

You should be more cautious while customers are performing the exchange of sensitive information process with your website. So therefore, it is essential to integrate online store SSL certificates in your ecommerce website that makes it possible these details travel through encrypted channels. It is recommended to purchase SSL certificate from your hosting provider only. These security certificates ensures that the data transferred is secure and encrypted leads to win customer’s trust because they know their online shopping is completely safe within your website.



With the help of wordpress platform, it has become very easy for new ecommerce business setups to start selling their products with just a matter of minimal cost. We strongly recommend all aspiring seller merchants and retailers to startup their business on wordpress ecommerce platform its highly secured environment, consists numerous themes and wide range of plugins & its free availability to use.

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