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Software Testing

From back office to physician’s office, our medical chipset app testing services and solutions ensure a robust healthcare infrastructure to support your business success.

Medical Equipment Software Testing

Medical devices play an important role & and have direct impact on patients lives. To deliver superior quality and error free medical devices, software companies are continously developing all new innovative medical devices with the help of software. Quality checks during the process of medical equipment software testing must ensure that no more bugs left behind at final stage of launch as lives of many patients are always on risk. Software quality testing is mainly defined as the pre-defined set of tasks to allocate the software failures. At Rhombus Infotech, we follow 5 step (Analysis, Compliance & Design, Security, Integration Testing, Usability Testing) testing approach which is aligned parallel in lifecycle development of enabling to help us better understanding of medical equipments. We can help you perfect your medical software products through multiple checkpoints before it’s taken to the market. We design and test software solutions for medical equipment applications. Our dedicated Test Lab is stocked with the latest smartphones, tablets and devices which are used to test and troubleshoot different medical software.

We have a specialized team of engineers specifically to perform the software testing. We provide the customer with the information about the quality of the product or service under test. Our Test Techniques includes the process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding the bugs and errors and verify that the final Product is fit to use and can be installed and run in its intended environment and perform its function within an acceptable time. We evaluate functionality and properties of interest of the product, those indicate to what extent, it meet the intended requirement that guided its design and development.

We follow various fitting software algorithms, executing test protocols, test plans, test strategies and testing methodologies. We create test protocols and run these test protocols on target systems. We perform Functional, UI, Compatibility, interoperability, usability, integration, system and acceptance testing. We make test plans for mobile applications and firmware. We leave no stone upturned to make it perfect.