Best Natural Language Processing Tools in 2021

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the most interesting and fast-growing subset of Artificial Intelligence & this realm is developing very rapidly. Every year or even within months there are new advancements are coming in existence. New tools are appearing, and existing ones are being updated with more progressive features. Natural Language Processing uses […]

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Advantages Use Cases of Cognitive Computing Technology

Cognitive computing technology has taken over the tech industry on a large scale and has become the new enticing concept among business entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts. The basic use of artificial intelligence is to implement the best suited algorithm to solve a problem but in case of cognitive computing technology – it goes a one […]

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Benefits of Using Deep Learning Technology

What is Deep Learning? Deep learning is a subset of machine learning which teaches machines to do what humans are naturally born with: learn by example. Though the technology is often considered a set of algorithms which mimics the brain, a more appropriate description would be a set of algorithms which ‘learns in layers’. It involves […]

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emerging trends of artificial intelligence in 2021

Top Emerging Trends of AI / ML in 2021

Artificial intelligence technologies are transforming business processes on a very large. What are the top AI trends in 2021 business enterprises should be paying attention to? Success stories tend to focus on the achievements and evolution of the algorithms. The year 2020 was filled with multiple challenges. Despite the disruptions, the COVID-19 pandemic also served […]

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How Artificial Intelligence Impact Human Life In 2021

In the 2021, we humans are bound to feel the AI-driven changes in the way we live and interact with the world. Artificial Intelligence is expected to play a very significant role in changing our lives in many ways. By the end of 2021, it is estimated that about 10% of personal devices will play […]

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nuSIM Embedded SIM Technology Helps To Improve IoT Connectivity

Until now, the SIM card has been an additional piece of hardware which had to inserted into IoT devices but now nuSIM is entirely a different concept of technology (Embedded Technology) the features of nuSIM card are integrated directly into the communication chip set. This new technology not only saves the production time but also […]

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benefits solutions of using IoT in transpotation logistics

Benefits – Solutions of using IoT in Transpotation Logistics

Due to technological progress and current challenges, today’s logistics market and transportation industry experiences a rapid transformation. In order to approach the new possibilities and stay ahead, the transportation & logistics industry strives to embrace new logistics innovations that provide more visibility across transportation processes, measure operational performances, reduce downtime, decrease operating costs, and optimize […]

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AI – IoT Trends Drive Business Innovations in 2021

2021 is a challenging year for many industries, but the Internet of Things technology has already played an active role in shaping business and consumer trends. From healthcare and retail to automotive and manufacturing, every industry is getting smarter with technologies like IoT. Failing to stay competitive in this space can result in significant losses. […]

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How Internet of Things Benefits Healthcare Nursing Domain

The Internet of Things has already changed the world that influences both the way we live and react in our daily routine.  Healthcare domain is one of the most important sectors, but due to the complexity, level of responsibility and strict regulations, innovations have to come a long way before they get fully adopted in […]

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How IoT Can Help Hotel Food Industry To Grow

Over the past decade, we have all experienced the impact of digital revolution across various industries. From healthcare to entertainment, digital revolution has changed the way businesses function. Tourism and hospitality industry has not been left behind in adopting digital trends.  There was a time when the element of human touch was central to hospitality […]

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