People With Disabilities Improving Lives With AI Technology

People With Disabilities Improving Lives With AI Technology

Today, many people with disabilities suffer from permanent body impairments, which makes challenging for them to perform their daily activities, but latest scientific technological advancements continue to discover the ways make day to day activities easier to fulfill. For example, most of our smartphones are today come up with advanced features that go beyond calling […]

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Artificial Intelligence Transforming Education Entertainment Industry

Nowadays, the entertainment industry is changing drastically because of the advent of artificial intelligence. AI technology has already penetrated our daily lives. With the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence technology in this era, usecases of its implementation in different industries like banking, cab booking, healthcare, e-commerce cannot be ignored. To add on, this technology has […]

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Custom Web Application Development Benefits 2021

If you have an online business, you might already know how competitive and difficult it is to promote your business to get better leads, sales, and conversion. Technology always keeps on upgrading as humans find new ways to innovate and doing things faster in technological progress. If talk about promoting business online in today’s trend, […]

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Custom App Development Services For Business 2021

In today’s digital world, there is hardly anyone who is not using smart phones. The popularity of smart phones is gaining tremendous demand in developed and under-developing countries. Mobile apps have become a necessity of everyone & in the absence of these mobile apps can keep you stay behind in the race of your competitors […]

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How Augmented Reality Services Helping Business Transformation

Today, when technology has established itself inside the core of every business organizations & are moving towards with digital revolution regardless of the industry domain they operate in. With the new trending age of technologies, digital platforms are transforming how businesses communicate with customers and deliver services. Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging trending technology […]

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Best Natural Language Processing Tools in 2021

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the most interesting and fast-growing subset of Artificial Intelligence & this realm is developing very rapidly. Every year or even within months there are new advancements are coming in existence. New tools are appearing, and existing ones are being updated with more progressive features. Natural Language Processing uses […]

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Advantages Use Cases of Cognitive Computing Technology

Cognitive computing technology has taken over the tech industry on a large scale and has become the new enticing concept among business entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts. The basic use of artificial intelligence is to implement the best suited algorithm to solve a problem but in case of cognitive computing technology – it goes a one […]

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Benefits of Using Deep Learning Technology

What is Deep Learning? Deep learning is a subset of machine learning which teaches machines to do what humans are naturally born with: learn by example. Though the technology is often considered a set of algorithms which mimics the brain, a more appropriate description would be a set of algorithms which ‘learns in layers’. It involves […]

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emerging trends of artificial intelligence in 2021

Top Emerging Trends of AI / ML in 2021

Artificial intelligence technologies are transforming business processes on a very large. What are the top AI trends in 2021 business enterprises should be paying attention to? Success stories tend to focus on the achievements and evolution of the algorithms. The year 2020 was filled with multiple challenges. Despite the disruptions, the COVID-19 pandemic also served […]

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How Artificial Intelligence Impact Human Life In 2021

In the 2021, we humans are bound to feel the AI-driven changes in the way we live and interact with the world. Artificial Intelligence is expected to play a very significant role in changing our lives in many ways. By the end of 2021, it is estimated that about 10% of personal devices will play […]

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